I LOVE FOOD. A culinary (shut up) journey…or something….

20130323-150735.jpg Me and a friend attempting what i think ended up as fajitas? Not sure.

20130323-150750.jpgAhh, a favourtie of mine, asparagus wrapped with Parma ham. And an obsession of mine…cherry tomatoes…this included a little oil this day..not sure why.

20130323-150802.jpgOlives and wine. I’m sorry,if you need an explanation of this,we aren’t friends. 😀

20130323-150820.jpg A full English breakfast for 2, included poached eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and quite possibly mushrooms and beans.I made this for the Brazilian. He loves it more than life itself.

20130323-150834.jpgAhh yes. Everyone seemed to be doing something for the Queen’s Jubilee. I wanted in on the action so i made cakes. This is what happens when you commit to the idea and discover there is nothing in the cupboard. That chocolate sauce isn’t icing, it’s chocolate in a jar. And i think that red mess is berry sauce for ice cream. Oops.


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