And why not?

So, it came, 2016 happened and with it came my 12 week first year placement as a student nurse. Insane stuff. Really. Thank goodness i’m still a dance teacher otherwise i may have gone mad. And what a 12 weeks it’s been. Getting into routine, paperwork, patient care, learning the ropes, being trusted with things that quite frankly are insane. It’s been amazing, i’ve started on a high note. There really are some incredible people in the NHS do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

But on top of this i thought, shit, i need to get out of university more than just a degree. So i joined the cheerleaders. One thing after the other with me i know, but i think if it doesn’t scare you or challenge you it’s not worth doing really is it? So that makes me halfway through my first year of university year one and i have 2 university cheer competitions under my belt! 11 years older than most of them and still kicking and splitting like the best of them…if your body works, really, age is just a number, i feel this is something i really want people to know. So many people wonder what the hell possesses me half the time i think, but i have this one life much to my dismay and i want to be and do everything. So why not? Anyone who says they can’t better have a damn good excuse because age isn’t a good one, if somebody had told me that at 32 years old i’d head back to university and to cheerleading i would have frowned..but damn i would have been interested! So get out there. DO. BE. JUST GO AND DO IT…After all, i will sure as hell miss this flexibility when my body does finally say no…..