And why not?

So, it came, 2016 happened and with it came my 12 week first year placement as a student nurse. Insane stuff. Really. Thank goodness i’m still a dance teacher otherwise i may have gone mad. And what a 12 weeks it’s been. Getting into routine, paperwork, patient care, learning the ropes, being trusted with things that quite frankly are insane. It’s been amazing, i’ve started on a high note. There really are some incredible people in the NHS do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

But on top of this i thought, shit, i need to get out of university more than just a degree. So i joined the cheerleaders. One thing after the other with me i know, but i think if it doesn’t scare you or challenge you it’s not worth doing really is it? So that makes me halfway through my first year of university year one and i have 2 university cheer competitions under my belt! 11 years older than most of them and still kicking and splitting like the best of them…if your body works, really, age is just a number, i feel this is something i really want people to know. So many people wonder what the hell possesses me half the time i think, but i have this one life much to my dismay and i want to be and do everything. So why not? Anyone who says they can’t better have a damn good excuse because age isn’t a good one, if somebody had told me that at 32 years old i’d head back to university and to cheerleading i would have frowned..but damn i would have been interested! So get out there. DO. BE. JUST GO AND DO IT…After all, i will sure as hell miss this flexibility when my body does finally say no…..


So i’m having one of those days (make that weeks) of banging into all sorts of things, as if i have not one inch of co-ordination in my body. Was a little stressed at the gym last night owing to the fact that again i am stupid and went when the world was also there…i can’t bear packed gyms, i usually wait and go at around 8pm, only 2 hours till they close, people have gone home to their kids and generally i can have the pick of the machines.
Found a brilliant machine actually for those of us who hate to run..i like running but it always gives me stitch. It’s the tread climber..for those of you who have never set foot in a gym, it’s like a treadmill but there are two undulating (that sounds awful) treads. Gives you a hell of a burn in your bum but that’s what i love about it, not to mention it’s the easier way i’ve ever lost calories! I am distracted on it too as because i walk very turned out naturally, i tend to try and stick my foot down the side of it…stay parallel, more burn, less broken foot…
I’m actually a little sad not to be going gymming with my elusive other half. I have spent so much time with him this christmas that suddenly him not being around is making me a little sad…couple that with the fact that the dancer has to sit behind a desk all day and it makes for one unhappy bunny.
I got the most amazing little thing the other day though, Keel’s Simple diary..its amazing, i bought yellow because i figured hell, i need some brightness in my life. But it’s not just pretty, it’s clever, i basically gives you ideas and you can set your brain to what you did with your day/hour/minute and work with it. It’s perfect if like me, you love the idea of a diary but are actually pretty hopeless at keeping one.

My Mother got the whole collection of ER for xmas, think of how many hours i’m going to lose of my life watching this!!…i’d forgotten how gorgeous George Clooney is as Doug Ross 😉

Apparently i showed my age earlier by singing along to *flash bang* (you know…*whallop what a picture* etc…) no, maybe not…sad cow that i am i had a lovely time filing and singing along at the same time………