Check out the newest addition to the Tiger Eye family Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice
I had a stupidly good time with the first game and I would recommend anyone to get the version where you get both games if you haven’t got the first one already…I will probably end up getting it myself because I managed to wipe everything off my computer when it crashed and I don’t have the components for the first one anymore!!

But really, based on Marjorie M Liu’s book Tiger Eye, the first in the wonderful Dirk and Steele collection,the game follows Dela and Hari as they find their way and their love together……

Marjorie is a wonderful author and person and if you’re looking for something new this year,have a little peek at her books, you will find something you like…but just a heads up…Artur is mine…just so you know…

Go get it.


(note: The logo is copyright of Passionfruit games)


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