Once upon a time….

Once upon a time a girl lived in a magical place they all called Internet.The girl was intrigued by this magical place, it was after all a land of plenty, information and many new and old friends in one place.
This new land was scary at first, the girl was young, uninformed and was haunted by many strangers.
As the girl grew older, she learned about this land and adapted to the many things it brought with it.
One day, the girl discovered along with the rest of the land the newest addition…a place they called Facebook.
Facebook was a lot of fun for the girl and her friends, many new friends were made,games played, parties arranged, all was harmonious.
But the girl was soon to discover that it was a place where nobody held back.She saw things she didn’t want to see, hurtful things that once loyal people had placed upon their pages without a care or a thought for her own mind and heart. The girl was hurt by this because those people should have known better…

But she could change nothing. The heart and soul are strong after all, and they do recover…and after all, if the girl never experienced anything, where would her stories come from?


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