More inspiration

But of a slightly different kind this time…
I came across this on Twitter, a wonderful website called Post Pals. It’s designed to allow children with terminal and not so terminal illness’ to receive cards and presents from people to help put a smile on their faces. It’s so inspirational (and i got a bit teary) everyone should have a don’t have to donate a thing if you don’t want to, just….take a look, and remember those beautiful little faces who just want life without problems.
The other thing today is Alice P. She’s 15, she has cancer that seems to be beating her (her own admission) but she is so strong, and the next time you have a problem or you’re moaning about having to do things, think of Alice and her list of things she wants to do so badly…some she knows she can’t, but others can be accomplished.
all links are at the bottom of this post so you can have a look and be inspired by these amazing kids and teens.
Great Ormond Street does incredible things for kids, as do many other organisations that have a heart usually bigger than their bank balance….

Links: Alice’s Blog:

Post pals:


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