Who says magazines aren’t inspirational?

I was just making my way through a magazine and i remembered while reading a bit about Istanbul that i witnessed the call to prayer while we were in Morrocco. It was amazing, all the men pulled out prayer mats inside their market shops or in the street itself. I have to admit, idiot here took a second to realise what was going on, wondering why the tower in the market was so loud and chanting and then the kneeling and praying commenced, while we idiotic foreigners wandered around..vaguely wondering when the market stalls would open again (we were reassured by a man who wasn’t praying that 20 mins should do it) and staring in awe at the site of so many praying in one place. I wish i’d thought to take a picture,but we felt like such intruders anyway i think a picture might have been going too far!

I am also enamoured by the idea of starting a website of crafts and bits and pieces to sell…however, i suck with glue and glitter!!! so i’ve come to the conclusion i should be site leader…or….something…hah!


2 thoughts on “Who says magazines aren’t inspirational?

    • No, not at all. this costs me nothing so far, i’m relatively small fry, i just have a very clever brother to help me 😉 wordpress for dummies is a great book also! helps those of us who just can’t quite get the hang of it!! 🙂

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