Well, it’s been a while since i got my arse in gear and actually wrote on this…i’m one of those people who loves the idea of a blog, reads blogs like they’re going out of fashion but have a hell of a job actually keeping up with one! But i am a good facebook updater, so i figure if i just go with what i write there then i should be able to keep up with myself!
I’m sat in Santorini,Greece, in a cafe called Vithos that does fantastic cheap food and drink and has great internet connection. It s back a bit, where the cars can drive around but it’s worth the walk .My friend and I decided against the donkey’s up the hill because it’s been wet and when they slip, it’s terrifying. I’d like to note that i’m not a bit advocate of the donkeys and the way they’re treated,but i’d rather it was me riding them, feeding them the whole way up, giving them a bit of love than some stupid fat idiot kicking them and treating them no better than their horrid owners.
Have been waiting for the lovely Brazillian to come online but it doesn’t look like he will. For those who don’t know, Brazillian is a lovely boy i met onboard who resembles a book hero complete with drama and brooding…trust me, in real life, that gets exhausting, but he’s on a different ship to me now so internet and phone it is…
Since my last post we’ve been back to Casablanca and have conquered South America! Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay have now been added to the *done* list and it’s such an incredible experience, if you get a chance to do a South American adventure, i recommend it, especially Rio De Janeiro including the Christ, Sugarloaf and it’s markets and Carnaval of course! Will put some pictures up when i get a chance with some more explanations on various South america,but my computer battery is dying…welcome back to the blog!


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