Casablanca days and nights…

Had to have a little blog from morocco, it’s fab, we’ve had an amazing day! turkish spas (complete with nakedness…well, with pants, but hell, forget prudish, it’s the culture and we feel scrubbed and amazing!)
Food thats authentic and markets…if you’re a pirate dvd lover, these markets are for you, also if you love bits and bobs…please just watch your bags…please…

here’s a couple of images from Casablanca…No pics of the market at the small children who try to sell you temporary tattoo also rifle through your bags at the same time so no piccies of there as i didn’t dare take my camera from the bag!

Spa is amazing, if you go to Casablanca, go to Le Pascha, as long as you don’t mind hanging around a turkish bath rather naked,you’re good to go! (we’re dancers and singers, so used to being naked backstage!)

Resturant was fab, great food, would recommend the lamb in any form!


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