Thoughts on a foggy night (A pre-November post)

My hairs smells like a small Italian town,it smells like the bonfire in the distance and the fog that has trying to get us since early evening. I love smelling like outdoors,im a very scent orientated person.But i wont smell like then when im onboard.Thats one of the things you miss when you embark.Smelling like real land.Before i left i remember standing outside the back of conservatory and just inhaling the scent of everything.I think english trees have very particular smell,they smell green and damp and familiar.I get a similar feeling when i have been riding the back of a motor cycle.My hair smells like the fumes mixed with the wind,Its one of my favourite smells.
But for now i will go to bed content that i can still smell the real world just before i go to live on a ship that has no natural scents,just its own unique make believe ones.

(This was written back in Sept but it’s all still true so i have published it 🙂 )


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