Like London buses…

As with everything in this life, the way thing work is a mysterious little commodity. Ah yes, I know, I can hear you thinking it now…*she has deep thoughts?!* yes, there are thoughts, some are deep, some need sweeping under the nearest carpet, but they’re there!
My newest conundrum occurred recently. Now this story is a dancer’s dream, I mean it, I am chuffed beyond words at the moment, but it doesn’t stop me wondering why the universe is constantly smacking me round the head with it’s handbag.

Let me explain…

I had the rest of this year pretty well packed out. As a dancer, it’s prudent to have as many jobs be they small or large running into each other, you know, avert the typical money crisis that comes with choosing a career in which you dress in sequins and feathers, and earn your living doing what you LOVE. Yep, I had that all sewn up this year, In my 17 years of being a professional (yes, I was doing tv and professional thingies when I was 9! yay!) that’s never happened. I even had a lovely new flat all lined up to move into London, ready to make dancing my bitch….or if she didn’t play nice,begin the prep work for career choice number 2 (The one that will follow when my body decides it really is done with me)

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I have been waiting to go back onto the cruise ships for a few years now. I suffer with my height, i’m teeny and hell, even the people with West End credits already on their cv’s aren’t being seen for auditions and turning back to the bread and butter part of the career. Cruises are an amazing way to see the world, save much dollah dollah and generally have a lovely time.
Well, cut a really not so long story short, I got the job back, but this time i’m lead singer. Yes, double the money, own cabin and perks,Singer. I am a dancer by trade but hell I belt it out with the best of them, so here I am, aged 26 finally getting a promotion (cue the little happy dance and then the terror that follows stepping out of the comfort zone)

So London had to go on hold, the job had to be turned down, which was fine as no contracts had been signed, but holy crap i’ve never turned work down before!
So yes, i’m doing the happy dance. I have a mini UK tour of the irish and then I have to become a vocalist till next April at least.

Can’t wait to pay off my car! wahoooo!!!!


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