So Britain’s Got Talent ended last night, and i think the right people won. Spelbound are the most amazing gymnastics team I’ve ever clapped eyes on. The discussion went around our living room about why these kids are not in the Olympic team. My theory is that they’re a little too artistic for Olympic gymnastics, and I don’t mean that in a horrid way, just that it’s so technical in competitions isn’t it, it’s not about the tricks, it’s about the way they do them….or so I’ve been told!
Amanda’s dress was fantastic as usual, and on closer inspection, it’s a Ralph and Russo number. I’ve had a look at the website but it turns out it’s so bloody exclusive, you need a couture number and a pin number to even enter their precious site, spying had to go on the back burner, never mind.
I think you can YouTube Spelbound and it’s so worth doing, also worth a look is Twist and Pulse who were 2nd, two likely lads who can dance fantastically and deserved to win as much as Spelbound. (check out their final piece especially, brilliant stuff)

One person i can’t stand EVER is Kerry Bloody Katona. Why are they still letting her have screen and paparazzi time?!! I won’t waste too blog time on her, just thought I’d put that out there.

Other news i managed to shock someone with this week was the revelation that one of Beyonce’s dancers in her Single Ladies video… actually a dude. That has come from several sources and apparently confirmed by the appearance of said dude in Glee series 2 in Sue Sylvester’s Vogue video.

And my life is he beautiful.

And speaking of Single Ladies, did anyone else just feel slightly odd when Liza Minnelli did it in Sex and the City 2? No? Just me? I am a musical theatre girl to the core, but I’m not a gay man, so something just didn’t click…..good legs for an older broad though and some excellent self deprecation about marriage from Liza herself. Hey, if you can’t laugh at you, who can?


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