And yet another new home for Blog…

And here i am again, once again moving my blog! I think i may have found a place i like now, i can use all the bits and bobs so that’s good. The lack of themes is doing me in a bit, but never mind, we shall work around it!

And onto the yammering…

A friend posted this on my Facebook wall in response to: What are you going to wear?

I of course meant this in the way of clothes, but my quick witted friend had other ideas…

“I will mostly be wearing despair, rejection and bitterness!”

Yes, we went to the Phantom of the Opera audition in London. Bring on the pointe shoes i haven’t even looked at since running from stage school and the pink tights that have a likewise history.

Needless to say, you have to be pretty close to Royal Ballet trained to be in it, so off we shuffled, back to the Irish show for us.Anyone looking to go into dancing as a career really should take another look at the uni prospectus, and i don’t mean just because you might not be built for it. I mean, it’s a mean career, if you haven’t got thick skin, you don’t get anywhere, you just turn into a mushy mess in a corner…not very employable.

My first wedding couple who i choreographed the first dance for got married today, i have yet to find out how it went but i’ve been promised a video for the archives (and spying), my other couple are getting married middle of the month i think, and i had a lovely email saying how pleased they were with the dance, so i hope they enjoy it.

Marriage is a concept to me. I read so many romantic novels these days my head is always in the clouds, but marriage to me feels like a promise you make forever. I’d like to think that someone can make it last in this day and age.Maybe it’s my newly single status getting me all up in arms, but i’d like to believe there’s a soul mate out there for everybody and whether you marry them or not, you get to find them and grow old with them.

Oh the mush of me….


One thought on “And yet another new home for Blog…

  1. Ah, I understand completely. It’s not mush!

    I still want you to write a guest blog for me! Email me later about it. 🙂

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