I have to admit to not knowing what this blog was ever going to be.No really, it keeps changing, so i think it’s going to have to be like me…just…all over the bloody place!
I am happy to report that i have officially managed 3 countries in the month of March. I love travelling, especially if i get to see the elusive Boy on the way.
Step one was Italy, where said Boy is from. Ok, so i was only there for a day and a night, but following that, we hightailed it to France. First to Nice, then onwards to Paris.
Anyone who knows me will know that flying with somebody is generally a novelty to me. I’m a lonely flyer, what can i say, the perils of having a boyfriend in another country.
So you can imagine my glee at travelling not only *with* somebody to Paris, but *with* that pesky Boy himself!

Then we couldn’t sit together.

Note: when travelling with someone you love, and you haven’t got pre-booked seats for god’s sake board as quickly and as close to the front as you can get. I don’t usually advocate pushing in (I’m British dammit, we don’t push!)
Well, no, not unless you are late for the plane (the way back), they are boarding and there is no way in hell i am sitting apart from my dear Boy another time.The filthy looks are worth taking for the joy of knowing you are inches from each other, and if you reach over to put your hand on his knee, it will be somebody you know and who will appreciate it.

So, anyway, we have to sit apart the first time, but all is well.
My next nightmare is that the hotel (which i have avidly researched on Trip Advisor until being told in no uncertain terms to “Get the hell away from that website before you talk yourself out of it”)
I didn’t need to worry though, The Hotel L’Annexe which is attached to the Hotel Taylor is cute as anything, the beds were clean, the bathroom had a tropical shower (even if it was a weeny bathroom) and a tv and although i had read about the walls being thin, believe me, i’ve stayed in a thin walled place at Eurodisney, Annexe was NOT thin. It’s on Rue Taylor and the closest underground is Repubique and that station has routes absolutely EVERYWHERE….



One thought on “Travels….

  1. Taylor hotel is a great hotel that has some charm and cosyness; its colonial decoration is something special that I like; its location is excellent, close to the Grand Boulevards, Le Marais, Le Canal. I like also the restaurant Le Balbuzard, rue Boulanger next to the hotel for its terrace and french cuisine and specialties from Corsica. As to hotel Annexe, I do recommend this hotel for travelers on a budget; ideal place for its location and for tourism adventures in Paris; small rooms so not necessarily the place you want to stay long but modern, renovated and comfortable; I slept there last year so I guess it should still be ok now:

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