The little things in life…

Well, i was going to destroy everything in sight today because i can’t fully grasp the concept of Sage…im not an accountant, i have never pretended to be one,but this whole working system baffles me.
I was sent home early because apparently when you start to have smoke coming from your ears, it’s time to get out and leave your co-workers alone. Funny that.

My little things of the day are being a part of Follow Friday on Twitter,this being the episode where i got listed and followed..yes, me! And the second little thing being a character i write for an online thing just got her arse royally handed to her, opening the door wide open for some serious backstory time. Got to love a gift horse.

Am off to Shuffle in Norway next month, the Irish goes to Norway once more where we shall freeze, try not to buy too much because,hey, it’s wicked expensive there but probably end up wino’s anyway. The last time i went there on tour we went to Bodo, and i got my itinerary earlier and we going back! hopefully we are late enough now for the Northern Lights!!! i am going to be spotting from everywhere,desperate as i am to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.

Books in hand include The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N K Jemisin, Unknown by Rachel Caine and The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon…need the latter one for the kindle really,it’s gigantic…

Right, for anyone who has Skype, a new tip. My friend Suse put me onto this….3 do a pay as you go mobile phone for 29.99 and it has skype and msn messenger already in you don’t need credit for these little beauties so i now have a skype mobile phone!! it’s amazing! it can come everywhere with me, foreign Boy can get hold of me at all times and it doesnt cost a thing unless you top it up to text or whatever but hell thats what the Blackberry is for!! It works in the uk only as far as i know but im sure any other country will have an equivalent. I can’t call uk cells, but i can call foreign ones if i have Skype credit like online.


right,i’m going back to fighting with the scanner, got a huge pile of old photos to scan and get onto facebook and embarrass the living daylights out of many people….


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