A little Monday-ness

Just a couple of things to share on this Monday, you know, apart from my head freezing headache…

New exciting app for the Blackberry (because we can be cool too) WhatsApp is fab if you want to instant message an iphone. You have to have an inegrated plan eg Blackberry Unlimited internet (the email plan alone won’t work) but it’s great, costs not a penny and you can even IM your international bessies..

number 2 being my newest love, Rachel Vincent’s Shifters Series. After an initial starting block that felt like Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten and Stolen, Faythe Sanders has taken off in a whole new direction and i think i’ve managed 2 books in a week…the 3rd one has jsu made it’s way to the kindle to occupy me on the tube tomorrow!

that is all….i’m off to find my glasses or paracetamol…either way..


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