National moron day…

At around 2 o clock today i declared today “National Moron Day”, i’m very hopeful that i could stretch it to the week..or rather the car and the bus who both tried to do away with me today could. I swear i have never seen so many crappy drivers around as i did today..the blue rinses who shouldn’t be allowed driving licenses based on the simple fact that you need to be able to SEE when you drive, the stupid ignorant bus driver who just HAS to pull out just because his bus is a lot bigger than my car (size issues anyone?!), and then there was the mobster/scooby van who pulled over the roundabout narrowly missing me and my beloved baby car at 40mph without even so much as a look right!!!!
I swear they find me..its like i have a radar on my car, its amazing..the guy outside the bank today was so old and shaking so much in his attempt to even walk appeared to have a car key in his hand…I absolutely reiterate my feelings that pensioners need to be checked-sight and reflex wise, and not only pensioners, but just generally..if you don’t have the eyes for it, don’t do it, simple as. If the old guy i saw today had a kid run out in front of him, he honestly wouldn’t be able to stop because of a. reflex issues, and b. SIGHT!
uck, i have had one of those days, as you can already tell. I am filming on a comedy sketch show tomorrow too and have to drive a little way to get there..i love the work but the travelling does me in a bit.
meh, so many books to read and so much Drums of Autumn to finish before i do…LOVING that book though, more than life itself…no really….


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