Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s christmas Day!!! I was feeling very festive up until i got stuck In Milan on my own on Xmas eve Eve! The boy’s flight was cancelled, mine wasn’t, it all got a little messy! Had the most random airport experience though…

I was delayed (or i was to begin with) and i had been talking to random guy in the security que (how the hell do you spell that?!! having one of those nights, i promise my spelling isn’t that stupid)
And he found me again browsing for some Morganville Vampire by Rachel Caine.
Im one of those people who in an airport, the idea of someone talking to me is just the most upsetting thing because it means i can’t get back to Jamie and Claire and their time travelling Scottish/English love that Diana Gabaldon gives me..incredibly selfish, yes, im not sorry in the slightest, i happen to love my books more than life itself.

But the guy found me, and he asks me if i would like to get a drink (i think Starbucks at this point)
And i would like to point out it’s nothing perverted, he’s about 60 and very professional.
He sits us down at a wine bar (on look at the menu tells i can afford nothing) but he tells me he is a doctor, and a real one at that and actually he did look like one.
Well he orders some nice wine (sancerre, it’s white but very nice so says a Red wine addict) and proceeds to tell me that at a guess he would say i’m a model. I was very flattered but as i said to him, i am far too small and he admits that’s what was keeping him guessing, my 5’2-ness.
Not far off i say i’m a dancer and the words *serendipity* leave his mouth…apparently he’s writing a book about ballet and he was in collaberation with another dancer and she has just left the project and he is looking for a co-author….something that tells fathers why they take their baby’s to dancing information people don’t know and feel far too stupid to ask, like…how big is a stage and what is the proscenium arch? At this stage my flight was suddenly calling last calls…i had no idea it had been pulled forward again and i was handed a business card to email hi about the co-author gig and fled to get a plane to Milan where i would unwittingly spend a night alone again.

I had a bit of a cry, i won’t lie. I really need to sort my life out, this being on my own all the time despite having a boyfriend is VERY annoying.

Anyway,Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, wherever you are..i hope you stayed at home for christmas like i really should have!!!
(Joke, i love being with the boyfriend at this time of year…just wish i had MY fridge!! hah!)



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