Love and what i don’t really know about it…

I don’t want this to turn into some kind of dateline, but i have made some massive discoveries about love this week. I wouldn’t blog any of this except i know he will never find me here! (cue evil laugh and running from Boy!)
I have been lucky enough to see Boy this week, as anyone in a long distance relationship will know, months become kind of…do-able…they shouldnt, but they do somehow. I am now in that phase of being separated again (only till the 9th dec tho) and i am in that stupid phase of *can’t live without, have no idea how i ever did to begin with*, very annoying. That piled on top of the fact that i haven’t slept in 48 hours! If anyone has any tips on how to sleep in economy on a plane when you are NOT a sitting up sleeper i’d love to hear them!
But no, back to love. We had a rather large bust up and although i wouldn’t always recommend a drunken bust up (especially in the Bahamas where the heat does the job for you!), this one worked..i was listened to, i got all my pent up crap out and he actually listened! (nearly fell to floor in dead swoon!)
So yes, the drink gave me the impetus to give him a total piece of my mind, one he took willingly this time and i actually heard the L word which i haven’t heard for a while and was beginning to doubt.

See, these boys only need reminding they are being doushebags and occasionally they come through!

My discovery on the whole? Love doesn’t have to be talked about all the time…this i knew, but really, when you don’t say it all the time, 24/7. on the phone, off the phone, it means more…and i mean MUCH more…

I’m such a stupid soppy romantic at heart…..


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