Having one of those days…

Stayed in bed until a positively ungodly hour today, have had a week of shows and was quite frankly shattered not to mention i had an ear infection which kept me from truly whipping my head during the show last night (doesn’t sound that trivial to someone who doesn’t dance, but trust me, on stage, that whip looks goood!)
Then i find that the antibiotics i took last night and this morning in that lovely dosage that plunges you into moronville has given me a really bad neck alongside making me feel like i have been sedated all day! Seriously, i had to down a whole bottle of lucozade to get my arse back in gear..barely remember eating my lunch!
Can only imagine what kind of disaster i would have been on stage had today not been a day off…funny i imagine to the bystander,but not so much for my fellow shufflers!

Moral being…check the side effects of antibiotics! arh!

And now a question…why on earth do things come at once? I have been in contact with an agent about a job which could potentially be amazing if it all went through, but i think i have thoroughly pissed boyfriend off as it would seriously derail our Xmas plans aka our only time to see each other again for any length of time.
He didn’t sound overly happy with me, and i will admit to being slightly pissed that i’m the one who has to feel guilty…of COURSE i want to be with him at Xmas,more than anthing, but i haven’t crippled myself for years at this business we call show just to say no to things. But then where is the balance? One part of your life starts to get interesting and then the other part goes bananas.

Cue my not amused face…..


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