Updating updating updating…..

Remembered i hadn’t updated in like forever! That’s what you get for being on tour. Ok, so it’s a tour of my own fair (and incredibly rainy) country but therein lies the problems. When you tour elsewhere, your accomodation is paid for and arranged by someone with (you would think!) more skills than me and my own poor car doesn’t get ragged within an inch of her life.
Now don’t misunderstand me, i love my job, i love performing (even when the audience is oap filled and the clapping is half assed) but this travelling business…well, i do it, but it doesn’t mean i have to like it.
One more week though, well, 8 more shows, one double day left and then some serious physiotherapy is needed! I killed my foot months ago in an audition and it’s still not at all what it should be.See, a normal person would admit defeat and say *actually, i like my foot, i need it, i will just cancel my place on tour and rest it* but then who said i was normal?! I’m actually a little convinced it might be stress fractured, and i have re-twisted the ligaments at least twice this tour so i am being a tad mean to foot.Strapping her up to immobility, taking the ibuprofen and shuffling…she’s never going to forgive me….


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