Do they even make people like this anymore?!

So i am still quite fascinated by the man i met last night. No, it’s wasn’t a *fancy-able* thing, my boyfriend was the one who found him.

Let me Start again.

I was at a Wine festival in Villanova, Italia, and on the way back through the small cobbled ancient streets, Boyfriend starts talking to friends he hasn’t seen for a while. Suddenly i’m called over to speak to a guy he introduces as *Baby, he’s english like you!*

Well, of course i didn’t believe him ,but once we’d gotten over the initial fake accents, he asked where i was from, and amazingly, my home town’s name was on his passport!!
Well, we get to talking and this man is just the classic example of a lifetime of drug taking. My other friend noticed he was drunk, but i assured her, that wasn’t drunk, that was high from many many years of being high.

I talked and he slurred but we got to finding out that he’s been in circus training and street performing for years and he’s been to all the major druid festivals, Avebury, Glastonbury etc etc.

But really, he was bloody fascinating, completely off his head, but fascinating none the less….

I love meeting randoms, especially ones who are just intriguing as hell…


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