Strange things…

I was sat out in the sun today absolutely toasting myself, i had all the gear, the oil, the lotion, the book and just as i settle myself onto my front to toast sunny side down, i feel spots of water.
Now, boyfriend’s house is the bottom one of a higher block (not high-rise you understand) and there are kids up there who throw things (small cow with a zip up his back anyone?) so i naturally assumed one of them had something to do with this!
No..wrong, it was rain, and it really got going, i am sat in a bikini in the scorching hot sun, while it rains, like Mother Nature herself took pity on my hot-state and sent something to cool me.

Quite impressed, and also a little freaky as i was reading a Weather Warden’s book by Rachel Caine and it all felt very coincidental…..

Have also realised no matter how much boyfriend wants to believe he is in control of everything, i really think he doesn’t have time down. I think maybe i should start reminding him of time because i am sure this time i have a much better handle on it…..


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