humidy makes my head go *boom*

we had a some amazing lightening here earlier,tried to get a pic or some video but as always with lightening it’s so unpredictable you can’t prepare properly….. now i’m sat watching the boyfriend play the x-box (i don’t mind, i get to do my own things) and wondering why the hell the headache that has plagued me for days now keeps coming back!! i think it may be something i am eating, that can happen right?!
Have been rampaging Ebay for a couple of days too, that part at the end when there is 4 minutes to go and you can’t bid too quickly or you lose your slot to win, or (as happened earlier) you lose out on that cosmetic BARGAIN because the damn Macbook punked out at the opportune moment!!!!!!! *gah*
Question: How can you get a true bargain on Ebay when there are so many tigers waiting to pounce at the last minute? it drives the price sky high and makes me go all panicky! So is there a trick?! if someone knows i want to know!

Also, a solution to the headache problem would be greatly appreciated.



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