and the sun drenched babbles some more….

Right, i feel as though i am getting a hold on this blogging thing now. I have been reading so many things owing to the fact that i am on holiday and therefore have way too much time on my hands between sunning sessions (yes, be jealous it’s bloody gorgeous here in italy 😉
Yesterday was my introduction to Lilith Saintcrow’s website and blog and it’s just brilliant ( ….hours of fun to be had by all! I nearly fell off my chair laughing about the whole *Queryfail* thing…i of course like any human being would love to be able to ream off novel length creations but now; a. i would be terrified of looking like a complete idiot, and b. well, i can’t really write blogs so novels would just go out the window!

It does speak volumes though about how well you need to know your career of choice. I am sure i know many things about the entertainment industry (including things not good for human hearing in general) that a lot of people don’t..hell, i’ve been involved with it both as a child and as an adult professionally for over 20 years now, i should know what the hell is happening. But i have become completely obsessed with the publishers and authors behind the books i love so much owing probably to the fact that i now know at least one author 😉 fascinating lot you are, and probably just as cut throat as my lot…well, hopefully not as vile as them, but close and all in the name of art!


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