A nice outing

Had a singing lesson today, the 2nd of many i hope. It’s amazing how the minute you get back into one of those things, college comes flooding back to you, then you stop it with a mental *halt* and then it fades into obscurity the minute you remember you’re not a student by far anymore and you run your own singing time now!! *cue evil laugh*
I hadn’t realise Wimbledon had such great shopping! The mini got me there rather fast today so i had a cheeky shop. Procured myself a cookbook for idiots that even i, the master-un-chef should be able to follow…the first step….soups! what the hell wrong could even i do to a soup?!! (many things!)

and now i have escaped the tightest jeans in existence, i have a few registers from class to sort and then…well, who knows!


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